Chicken Do Pyaza Karahiwala चिकन दो प्याज़ा कढ़ाई वाला

Ingredients :

Chicken – 1 kg
(A)For Initially pressure cook in cooker:
Onion ( Pyaaz ) – 3 Big Sized – Cut in long pieces
Tomato ( Tamatar ) – 2 Big Sized- Cut in long pieces
Ginger ( Adrak ) – ½ inch cut in small pieces
Garlic ( Lehsun ) – 8 cloves crushed
Turmeric Powder ( Haldi Powder ) – 1 & ½ Tea Spoon
Red Chilli Powder ( Lal Mirch Powder ) – 1 & ½ Tea Spoon
Dried Coriander Powder ( Dhaniya Powder ) – 2 Tea Spoon
Grinded Cumin Seeds ( Pisa Jeera ) – 2 Tea Spoon
Salt ( Namak ) – 1 & ½ Tea Spoon (To Taste)
(B)To Cook in Kadhai after Pressure Cook:
Cooking Oil ( Tel ) – 3 to 4 Tea Spoon
Cocktail of 10 Vegetables or V8 Juice or Tomato Puree – 2 cup
Yogurt ( Dahi ) – 1 cup (3 Spoon)
(C)Khade Masale:
Black Cardamom ( Badi Elaichi ) – 3
Green Cardamom ( Choti Elaichi ) – 3
Cumin Seeds ( Jeera ) – 1 Tea Spoon
Clove ( Laung ) – 4
Aniseed ( Saunf ) – 1 Tea Spoon
Coriander Powder ( Khadi Dhania ) – 1 Tea Spoon
Black Pepper ( Kali Mirch ) – 8 to 10 Daane
Red Chilli ( Lal Mirch Khadi ) – 2
Dried Fenugreek Leaves ( Kasoori Methi Crushed ) – 1 Tea Spoon
Sugar ( Cheeni ) – 1 Tea Spoon
Green Coriander Leaves ( Dhaniya Hari ) – 1 Bunch
Green Chilli ( Hari Mirch ) – 2 Long Cut in length
Ginger ( Adrak ) – ½ inch – Finely chopped


Preparation :

  • Cut tomato and onion in long slices.
  • Finely chop the ginger.
  • Wash and clean the chicken properly.
  • Crush the garlic in the grinder.
  • Prepare the spices.


Cooking :

  • Take a cooker and add the chicken pieces to it. Then add the long slices of onion and tomato. We have used onions of 2 colours. You can use only 1 if both the colours are not available.
  • Don’t add any water or oil, the mixture itself will give off water which would be sufficient for cooking.
  • Now add the finely chopped ginger and the crushed garlic. Also add red chilli powder, turmeric powder, dried coriander powder, jeera powder and a little salt. Mix it all properly.
  • Close the cooker and put it on the stove. Wait for it to whistle once. whistles once, turn off the gas and release any steam by inserting a spoon under the whistle and lifting it. This is because if the steam is left inside, the chicken pieces will break and will get too soft. After releasing the steam, open the cooker. The mixture would have properly blended.
  • Now, take a pan and heat it. Pour some oil in the pan and let it heat up. Don’t use too much oil, only a little quantity. Before the oil gets heated up, transfer the chicken mixture from the cooker to the pan because if it is added after the oil has heated up, then the oil may splash and hurt you.
  • After transferring the chicken, let it cook until it starts boiling and then cover the pan for some time. Keep stirring the mixture in between by removing the cover otherwise it may stick to the pan and get burned. Add some more oil if you feel it is less ( according to your taste ).
  • When the dish has given off a little oil and all the water has evaporated, add a cocktail of 10 vegetables ( which is a juice of 10 vegetables ). If you don’t have this you can also use tomato puree or manually make a paste of tomatoes in the mixer. It enhances the taste and the colour of the dish.
  • Then add the yogurt after properly stirring it. Mix it properly on a high flame. When the mixture starts boiling again add black pepper,  saunf, jeera, badi elaichi, sabut dhaniya, laung, choti elaichi and a few red chillies. Also add kasoori methi on top of it. Mix it all properly and stir for some time. If you don’t have kasoori methi it is ok. It is only used to give a beautiful colour to the dish . It is not very important.
  • Then add a little ginger and 2 green chillies. Mix it properly for some time and turn the flame to low. Cover the pan and let it cook for some time.
  • After a little while, remove the lid and stir the mixture for some time. Then add a little sugar. It won’t sweeten your dish but will give it a beautiful glazed look. Mix it properly and then garnish with green coriander leaves, green chillies and a little finely chopped ginger.
  • Now cover the pan and close the gas. After about 2 minutes dish it out and serve hot.


Congratulations, your dish is ready!

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