बंगाली घुघनी- काबुली चना बंगाली

Bangali Ghughni – Kabuli Chana Bangali Style
बंगाली घुघनी- काबुली चना बंगाली
Kaabuli Chana (Soaked in water overnight and then boiled till shells starts separating)
Onion Chopped- Pyaaz- 1 Medium
Tomato- 1 Medium Chopped
Garlic paste- Lehsoon- 1 Tea Spoon
Ginger Paste- 1 /2 Tea Spoon
Garam Masala:
Badi Elaychi- 1
Saunf- ½ Tea Spoon
Jeera- 1 Tea Spoon
Tez Patta – 2
Kali Mirch- Black Pepper- 6-7
//Alll roasted and Grinded to powder- 1 /2 Tea Spoon//
Soaked in Water:
Lal Mirch powder- 1 Tea Spoon
Haldi -1/2 Tea Spoon
Jeera Powder – ½ Tea Spoon
Dhaniya Powder – 1 Tea Spoon
Salt – To Taste
Hari Mirch- 2
Imli Paste – 1 Tea Spoon
Sugar – ½ Tea Spoon
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